Labor market information (LMI) is meant to enable the labor market to function more efficiently by allowing users to make decisions based upon sensible, timely, and comprehensive information. LMI means many different things to different people. 

  • Training providers might examine the salaries and skill levels of various job categories as well as occupational employment projections to assist them in selecting and designing job (re)training programs.
  • Students and guidance counselors can look at the same kind of information to help them ascertain which fields of study would likely lead to financially rewarding, expanding career opportunities.
  • Job counselors might assess the labor market prospects of unemployed workers in light of current job vacancies as well as projected occupational growth to help them formulate successful reemployment strategies. 
  • Workers seeking jobs can search information on current vacancies at firms to find those which match their skill, compensation, and geographic preferences.

The following resources offer practitioners tools to navigate the LMI lanes: